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MacBook Air£1119£919

MacBook Air£1119£919

MacBook Air£1119£919

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Now it’s even easier to share the love and do your bit for the planet. When you trade-in your device with us you're keeping it out of landfill for longer. And with our collection of pre-loved devices for sale through our instagram, you can save even more on your next purchase.

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  • Original power cable (applies to Mac products)
  • Eligibility subject to examination in-store

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When you renew your device with us an Apple expert is on hand every step of the way. From helping to find the device that's just right to moving your most important files and settings. It's the best start you and your device can get!

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Frequently asked questions

This is perfectly understandable; you’ve used your device for a few years and it’s picked up a few marks. Normal wear and tear is completely acceptable. In terms of functionality, the device needs to be able to turn on and log in to your user account. Being slow (to the point of being unresponsive) isn’t necessarily a problem.

Unfortunately not at this time. A device that has been repaired with parts other than Apple cannot be accepted for trade-in.

Trade-in is super quick. About 10-20 minutes in total. Please bear in mind that this does not include data transfer time and setup of new device (if you have requested this).

Yes, our prices shown online are exactly the same as our in-store prices. however, we do change our prices from time to time in which case your current valuation may become out of date.

Yes, you still qualify. However, the price you receive will be slightly lower as a result. This is the same as if the peripherals were damaged.

Certainly! Spend your credit to your hearts content, so long as the device you’d like to purchase is a higher value than the credit amount.

Problems are there to be solved. In this situation we’ll help you with either an exchange or credit note. Please be advised a restocking fee may apply if the device has been removed from its packaging.

Problems are there to be solved. It’s not essential to have your original box, however you’ll make our team smile if you do.

If you can’t find your device using the drop down menu, it’s likely either the device is too old or too new. If you are unsure exactly which device you own and need assistance in determining this please contact your local store who will be happy to help. Don’t forget we also offer a free recycling service for Apple products.

repair renew recycle

If your device doesn't qualify for renew, you can recycle the device free of charge, responsibly and safely through one of our stores, because the end doesn't have to mean the end.

£540 is based on a 2016 MacBook Pro 15″ with Touch Bar, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 512GB  SSD Storage…