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How does your iPad connect to the internet?

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Identifying your iPad model

Check here for assistance determining exactly which iPad model you own.

Unlocking your iPad

Depending on your network provider it’s easy to unlock your cellular equipped iPad. Check here to learn how.

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Why renew?

Renew is the best way to get credit for your current Mac, iPad or iPhone to put towards a brand new one. And renew makes this process simple, transparent and incredibly helpful. From requesting a valuation, to walking away with your new device, there's an Apple expert on hand to make sure you get off to the best start possible. This could involve taking advantage of our data migration and personal setup services, or simply chatting things through with a team member. Request a valuation today and see how much you could save on your next purchase.
Key features.
  1. renew is quick. Get instant credit for your old device so you can upgrade there and then.
  2. Total data privacy and security. Rest assured your data is securely erased after safely transferring to your new device and reset to factory settings.
  3. Assistance from an Apple expert to help you get the most from your new device.
  4. All purchases through Solutions inc. include a 2 year extended warranty free of charge.
  5. A great price for your used Apple products. We regularly compare ourselves against the competition. In many cases offering a higher valuation.

Good to know

Prices are subject to change. We recommend completing your trade-in within 7 days of requesting a valuation. Simply visit your local store to get started.

Please note prices are subject to inspection by an Apple qualified technician in store. Your actual valuation could be less if the device doesn’t meet your criteria and/or is missing its original power cable and/or keyboard and mouse.

What others have asked

What do you check for when I bring my device in?

A technician will run a series of diagnostic tests as well as a visual/mechanical inspection to ensure the device is fit for trade-in. We’re simply checking that the device functions as it should and is in a good physical condition. If trading in a Mac, we also check the power cable and/or keyboard and mouse. N.B this list may not be exhaustive depending on your device.

I’m unsure of the condition and/or functionality of my device, please advise.

This is perfectly understandable; you’ve used your device for a few years and it’s picked up a few marks. Normal wear and tear is completely acceptable. In terms of functionality, the device needs to be able to turn on and log in to your user account. Being slow (to the point of being unresponsive) isn’t necessarily a problem.

I’ve had my device repaired by a third-party, do I qualify?

Unfortunately not at this time. A device that has been repaired with parts other than Apple is often of a compromised quality.

How long does the process take?

Trade-in is super quick. About 10-20 minutes in total. Please bare in mind that this does not include data transfer time and setup of new device (if you have requested this).

Will I receive the same price in store?

Yes, our prices shown online are exactly the same as our in-store prices, however we do change our prices from time to time in which case your current valuation may become out of date.

I don’t have the original peripherals that came with my Mac, do I still qualify?

Yes, you still qualify, however the price you receive will be slightly lower as a result. This is the same as if the peripherals were damaged.

Can I renew a Mac against an iPad?

Certainly! Spend your credit to your hearts content, so long as the device you’d like to purchase is a higher value than the credit amount.

I can’t find my device listed for trade-in. Why could this be? 

If you can’t find your device using the drop down menu, it’s likely either the device is too old or too new. If you aren’t sure exactly which device you own and need assistance in determining this please contact your local store who will be happy to help. 

I don’t have my original box or any other packaging. Is that a problem?

Problems are there to be solved. It’s not essential to have your original box, however you’ll make our team smile if you do.

What if I decide to return my device within the statutory returns period?

Problems are there to be solved. In this situation we’ll help you with either an exchange or credit note. Please be advised a restocking fee may apply if the device has been removed from its packaging.

I have so many more questions

Great! We have the answers! Just visit us in store and we’ll tackle them one by one.